10 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach: a name synonymous with sun-kissed shores, championship golf courses, and endless family fun. But beyond the sandy beaches and amusement park thrills, this vibrant South Carolina destination boasts a surprising depth of history, hidden gems, and unique quirks. Dive into these 10 fascinating facts and discover a whole new side to Myrtle Beach:

1. Grand Strand, South Carolina

Ever wondered where "Grand Strand" comes from? It's not just about the impressive 61 miles of beachfront spanning from Little River to Georgetown. The term originates from an old definition of "strand," referring to the land bordering the water. So, Myrtle Beach truly sits at the heart of this unique and grand coastal expanse.

2. Education Hub in Myrtle Beach

Looking for a vibrant community with strong educational opportunities? Myrtle Beach boasts 27 public schools serving over 22,500 students, alongside nine private schools catering to 1,311. Whether you're raising a family or seeking continuing education, there's a perfect learning environment here.

3. Myrtle Beach's Name Mystery Solved

Where did the name "Myrtle Beach" originate from? Forget crepe myrtles! The true namesake of Myrtle Beach comes from the abundant wax myrtle trees once lining the shores. A myrtle tree is different from the more popular crepe myrtles or sabal myrtles. These distinctive evergreens add a touch of natural beauty to the landscape.

4. Wax Myrtles For Easy Care

Speaking of Myrtle, did you know the "wax" in wax myrtle has a practical purpose? Used by Native Americans for centuries, this natural wax can be crafted into candles and other functional items. The wax myrtle is also another name for the myrtle tree or southern wax Myrtle.

Wax myrtle trees lining the beach at Myrtle Beach, providing shade and a serene atmosphere.

5. Real Estate Insights

Thinking of investing in your Myrtle Beach dream home? The median list price in December 2023 was $328,035, representing a healthy increase from December 2022's $289,000. Connect with S.H. June Real Estate to explore exciting opportunities!

6. Sports Illustrated Swings In

Did you know? Sports Illustrated, the iconic magazine, was born right here in Myrtle Beach! Founded in 1954 at Pine Lakes Country Club by Henry Luce, the renowned American publisher. A visit there today unveils a plaque commemorating this remarkable sports media origin story.

The fascinating history of Sports Illustrated's birthplace, Pine Lakes Country Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

7. State Park Paradise

Discover the rich history of South Carolina's first state park, Myrtle Beach State Park. Renowned for its fishing pier, bird watching, biking trails, equestrian trails, playgrounds, picnic shelters, and swimming facilities, it stands as one of the most picturesque state parks in the United States today.

Myrtle Beach State Park features a stunning view of the Myrtle Beach State Park beach access.

8. Land Deal of the Century

Back in 1901, an ocean front plot of land cost $25. Yes, you read that right! That dream was reality in Myrtle Beach. And to sweeten the deal, an additional free plot awaited if you built a house on the first!

9. Mini Golf in Myrtle Beach

Calling all putt-putt enthusiasts! Myrtle Beach proudly holds the title of "Mini Golf Capital of the World," boasting more courses per square mile than anywhere else. Challenge yourself on themed courses and compete in the U.S. Pro Mini Golf Association's Masters' Tournament held in Myrtle Beach annually.

10. Seaside Beginnings

Step back in time with Myrtle Beach's first hotel, the Seaside Inn. Built in 1901 for a total of $3,813, it offered guests three meals a day for just $2 per night! Though no longer standing, its legacy reminds us of the city's humble beginnings.

Ready to Discover More?

Myrtle Beach's magic extends far beyond its beautiful beaches. Its rich history, diverse attractions, and thriving community offer something for everyone. Contact S.H. June Real Estate, your trusted experts in SC and NC real estate, to explore your dream property and unlock the endless possibilities of Myrtle Beach living.

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